Our People

BLAKOIL ENERGY LIMITED (BEL) is made up of a team of highly skilled and influential individuals with a combined 50 years worth of experience in the oil and gas industry. The team has a common vision of creating a company that can take advantage of the largely untapped opportunities and resources in the Nigerian economy with particular emphasis in the oil and gas industry.

BLAKOIL’S team are able to reach deep into the market utilising a network of industry leaders, key political figures and prominent individuals. In addition to BLAKOIL’S key members, the company maintains a number of joint venture partnerships, these partnerships combine over 150 years of aggregate experience and thus maintains impressive industry contacts.



Ibrahim Zakari started his oil and gas career in the early 2000s while working with Petroleum Equalisation Fund in Abuja, Nigeria (PEF).

He was also Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fine & Aluminum LTD from 2004, while during tenure he was responsible for executing numerous million-dollar projects.

He was also COO in SOCPP Holding Inc. (USA) where he was responsible for the procurement of refined petroleum products from Oil Majors.

He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of ICN Group and a Director of Stratrade Nigeria Limited.

Ibrahim graduated from Richmond, the American University in London UK with a BA Business Admin and Economics.

He also has a Post-graduate Diploma in Management from Greenwich College, London UK, an MBA (Marketing) from the University of Liverpool, UK and a Certificate from Harvard University, USA in entrepreneurship in emerging economies.



Atiku Rimi started his career with Savannah Bank Nigeria Plc in 1991 and after 3 years moved on to Manufacturers Merchant Bank in Lagos, Nigeria.

He remained in Manny Bank up to 1995, there after he changed his career path to the Oil and Gas Industry where he has remained ever since.

Atiku started as the depot manager for Oil Trading and Transport a Dutch registered Oil logistics company operating out of Apapa Port in Lagos.

He switched employment to Crossbow Energy Nigeria Limited as Operations manager in charge of port operations and sales. Atiku was later appointed in 2008 as country representative in Nigeria for Gunvor Trade BV, the 3rd largest oil and gas trading company in the world by turnover operating out of Geneva, Switzerland to develop new businesses for them in Nigeria. It was while he was with Gunvor that Atiku formed BLAKOIL Energy Limited.



Nasser Mohammed started his career in the energy sector with Green Gold Energy which was involved in Oil & Gas high- tech security gadgets for two years.

In 2009, Nasser established Naiscom Worldwide Limited Company as a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), negotiating Lands, Properties, and brokerages fees, etc., between Clients and Government Organizations.

He was then invited in 2013 to join the Board of Directors of Hova-Geneva Limited as Director of Marketing to turn around the marketing strategy of the Company.

He was approached by a Gold Mining Company, Miltexczech, Nigeria Limited in 2015 to be their Chief Executive Officer, which he has stirred to a thriving organisation.

He is a graduate of Business Management from the University of Maiduguri. He is also a Member of Oil & Gas Council.